Join us or collab
from wherever you are.

We have gathered some of the best motion works from the internet and edited them into this 1 minute clip. We admire these works, this is just to show the direction of work we want focus on, and we are always on the look out for talented people and designers out there to work with, if this video clip also resonates with you, join our collective team (in-house or remote) and let us create works that are as cool as these!

  • We need you

  • 2D Motion Designer

  • 3D Designer
  • Producer
  • Art Director
  • UXUI Designer
  • Interaction Motion Designer

  • Graphic Desiger

  • Illustrator
  • Business Director
  • Sound Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Developer

We are forming a collective team of designers and freelancers, where we can share our skills and resources in order to create the best work! 

Collective Partners:

  • Hymn Wong
  • Shin 
  • Lyla Sulaiman
  • Alex Millar
  • Rebecca Luo
  • Lorie Yuan
  • Ting Ting Shi
  • Heiko Beereboom
  • Yu Kisami

Motion Director
UX Lead
Design Director
Exhibit Project Management
Event Partner
Product Development
Senior Film & Print Producer
Progressive Web App Dev (NL)
Producer & Writer (JPN)


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